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The Avalon School of Massage provides students with an optimal, enjoyable learning experience. Here, you can develop the technical and interpersonal skills needed to improve the health of your clients, as well as achieve career growth and professional satisfaction as a massage therapist.

About the Avalon School of Massage

Avalon School of Massage is directed by Randy Greer.  Randy received his LMT from MRC School of Massage and then became  an instructor there for 3 years.  He also taught at the European Institute for 5 years and later designed, built, opened, and directed the European Institute Central Campus and became its Director until it closed in 2005.  Randy also taught at the Academy of Professional Health Care and was offered the directorship there.  Instead he opened his own school “Avalon” which means “ascension to a new life” or a “new beginning” and comes from the Celtic and Druid Goddess of Avalon, known to most as “The Lady of the Lake.”
It has been Randy’s dream for several years to operate a massage school.  Having taught in high school and university for 14 years, he found his passion in life in massage.  He was only trying to supplement his teachers pay but instead his part time business surpassed his teaching income, and his passion for massage grew.  He now owns and operates Avalon… so dreams can come true.
It is our goal here at Avalon to hold true to this mystic imagery of the Celts and to help students ascend to a better way of life and achieve their goals in reaching certification in their massage careers.

Strong Demand for Massage Therapists

The need for massage therapists continues to grow rapidly. More and more people are choosing massage therapy over medication to gain relief from stress that is associated with fast-paced living and stressful careers. As a result, massage therapy is becoming one of the MOST REWARDING careers in the health services field and graduates find jobs in hospitals, health clubs, gyms, chiropractice offices and spas. They are also able to work free lance as well as part time out of their homes.

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