Wellness Within

Healing for Mind – Body – Soul

Healing Therapies

  • Homeopathy
  • Gemmotherapy
  • Rife therapy
  • Flower Essences
  • Shamanic Healing / Coaching
  • Past Life Soul Regression / Between Lives Regression
  • Soul retrieval

Perhaps you are facing some type of physical pain or have chronic symptoms which you have been told there is no solution.  Maybe you have battled anger, depression, lack of focus, anxiety – or possibly just feel something is missing in your life.

WellnessWithin seeks to work with holistic and permanent methods to relieve your pain – whether physical, emotional or soulful.  These therapies are natural alternatives for deep healing of your complaints. Some types of illnesses effectively treated include fibromyalgia, migraines, female issues, allergies, back pain, sleep disorders, panic/anxiety, depression, grief, genetic history, and so much more.

DreamVision, the journey of discoveriesan experiential part of Wellness Within – is designed to help you learn about who you are as a soul, what the soul wants, where it has gone and can go to – and those who can help along the way.  It can reveal the wishes of the soul, make sense of questions you may have about your life, and help to move beyond the ego and web of others projections into a more meaningful life.

Laurie Wheeler

Laurie Wheeler, DiHom, CCH, DipGem has been a holistic practitioner since 1995 and has experience in Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, Rife therapy, Shamanic healing/coaching, Soul retrieval and Past Life Soul Regression/ Between Lives Regression.  As a practitioner, consultant and teacher, Laurie’s highest mission is to work with the principles of true healing and the energy force it seeks to transcend.  In her continued learning, she has had the privilege to study with many teachers both locally and globally.  Laurie created a non-profit clinic for military service people that are unknown to the world of holistic medicine.  She also created a live radio program called “Journey into Wellness” in New Hampshire.  Laurie also taught homeopathy to the York Wildlife Center of Maine for non-domesticated animals and worked closely with dolphins in Mexico.

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