Wedding Planning Guide

If you are about to tie the knot, researching about the things that you need to prepare for your wedding is of great importance. Worry not because if you are searching for bridal or wedding venue, consider planning your wedding in the Southern IL area.

You’ll have a lot of choices and take in some of the most beautiful scenery in the country .

Start by choosing the right wedding vendor, then pick the right wedding dress, shoes, rings and many more. Here is a rundown that will surely help you go through the wedding planning stages: consider making a list of all the things you have to do.  And don’t look at is as overwhelming (although that could be natural).

Budget is a common issue; one of the many ways to cut the cost is to take on the management of each aspect of the wedding yourself.  Sure, it can be overwhelming, but not if you take it in pieces and take an organizational approach to it.  If you hire a personal wedding planner, that will surely eat up a large portion of the wedding budget. You can get advice without paying for a professional planner by doing you research online. Read articles, blogs and watch videos!

Where are you going to get married? Take a close look at many venues. Hotels, restaurants, banquet facilities and other venues. In Southern IL there are many choices.

Endless creative bridal ideas: Going to famous bridal magazines and reading online will help you come up with the minor details that involve everything from what theme you want, to what party favor you’ll provide.



Transportation:  Do you need it?  What kind?  Many of those questions depend on how many guest and what you and your future spouse feel about how you both want to be brought to, and from the big day.

Make a list:  These are just a few issues and tips. Many people will purchase a Wedding Calendar book to keep track of everything, and others will use online user guides. There are loads of resources online for you.

It is natural to feel scared at first but worry not because all of the couples have been in the same position before. It is your time now so plan carefully in order to minimize and avoid common wedding blunders.

On this page are some excellent wedding vendors that we recommend in the Southern IL area.  Just give them a call and they’ll be happy to guide you through their establishment, as well as provide more details on the area.