Video Production

Why your business needs a video online

Videos for business are the best tools for engaging the visitors of your business’ official website. In addition, placing your video on the Google Business Search Listing, on Facebook™ and YouTube™ will increase your customer base.  And we can help you with all of these things.

Put simply, videos are now crucial to convey messages to your audience target about the advantages and benefits to your company’s services and products.

There is no better tool to easily showcase the difference that you have from your competitors than an explainer-video. Why? Because audiences today has a shorter span of attention and enjoy going through a 2-3 minute video, incorporated with incredible graphics and eye-catching photos, along with a voice that clearly explains key details about your business or service.

We’ve created an easy system, with our personalized service, to create and produce your video. Upon completion we will help with technical support to do the following:

1) Upload it to YouTube™
2) Upload it to your Website and Google’s Business Listings for Google Search
3) Upload it to your Facebook™ page (or we can promote it on our Facebook™)

How it works

You give us the go-ahead and from there we’ll do all the work, providing the following:

  1. A confirmation of order will be sent to you for your records
  2. Production team begins work on your script and images/photos (we create, with your input if desired)
  3. We present a rough draft first copy for approval and, will keep making changes per your needs
  4. You approve the final copy and we begin posting it to social media networks

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Below are some examples of our work. Our videos are customized for your business or service.