SILVER FOX OUTFITTERS: 2019 Alberta, Moose Hunting, Bear Hunting, With The SILVER FOX OUTFITTERS “TEAM”

THE BEARS: Our area in the beautiful Peace River water shed near the town of High Level AB has one of the highest trophy bear populations in North America with about 10 to 15% being color phase. Light hunting pressure allows us to produce a higher percentage of larger, older boars for our hunters. This is representative of a mature population. Bears are so plentiful here that each hunter is allowed two tags.

STATISTICS: The Silver Fox Outfitters “two tag” hunters have averaged more than a 180% shooting rate for over 2 decades. This is one of the highest success rates in the province. We manage this by: regulating the number of hunters we take, using fresh quality bait hauled to the hunting area in our own 28 ft reefer trailer, setting strategically located baits, and by ensuring that our guides know the area we hunt. Our past success rate speaks for it self. It’s easy to see that Alberta is the place to be for fantastic bear hunting. Eric Rauhanen and the Silver Fox Outfitters “team” are the right choice for you.

BAIT HUNTING: We use beavers, butcher scraps, bakery scraps, restaurant grease, oats, molasses and specialty bear lures for bait and it’s hauled to site and stored. Our baits are set when there’s still snow on the ground,several weeks prior to your arrival. Maintained regularly they become the bear’s primary food source. Baits are accessible by four-wheel drive trucks,all-terrain vehicles or jet boat. As nocturnal animals, bears are hunted primarily in the evening. Hunters are taken to active bait sites in the late afternoon.Portable tree stands are the preferred method in our area. They are 14 to 15 feet up and 20 yards from the bait. We are quite far north and the sun set slate. We are normally finished hunting by 10:30 p.m. and out of the bush by midnight.

Youth Hunt Special; Any youth 12 to 17 years of age can hunt for free when accompanied by a full fare paying, supervising adult. 

5 Day Baited Bear Hunt Special

  • 2 bear limit, 5 days hunting, 2 hunters / guide License and tax not included in basic hunt cost $4275.
  • Bear hunting license $400.
  • Bowhunting license $25.
  • Five percent Canadian federal government goods & services tax (GST) to be added.

Other Options

  • 2nd bear Tag                            $750.
  • Wolf license                              $150.
  • Extra hunting days                    $425.
  • 1 on 1 upgrade, per day            $200.
  • Non Hunter, per day                 $150.
  • 3 day hunt. 1 tag only           $3125.

Hunt dates for 2019:

  • May   6 – May  10  
  • May  11 – May  15
  • May  16 – May  20
  • May  21 – May  25
  • May  26 – May  30
  • May  31 – June 4
  • June  5 – June 9

MOOSE RIFLE HUNTS We run 2 different hunts. The 1st is a 6 day rut hunting the rugged foothills/mountain areas to the west of Edson. Calling moose is incredibly exciting. A high success rate & small number of permits means this hunt sells out fast. There is no trophy fee on this hunt.

The bulk of our Moose hunting is in November and 8 days long. The moose have finished rutting and are concentrated in tamarack, muskeg fringe areas. A light snow is common at this time, and bulls are easier to spot and tracks easy to find. Our area has excellent access with many oil / logging roads and countless miles of cut lines. We use four-wheel drive trucks and all-terrain vehicles extensively. On this hunt we charge an $800. trophy fee when you tag your bull. This is an excellent hunt to add a whitetail tag too.


SFO has been operating since ‘95 and was incorporated in 1998. SFO is licensed, bonded and insured. We are “North American Hunt Club” recommended and members of SCI. We have a high percentage of repeat clients.

LOCATION Our primary hunting area is located a short 2-hour drive west of Edmonton near Edson in the beautiful foothills, agricultural fringe area of west central Alberta. Our hunting areas have some of the highest moose densities in the province. Other advantages of our area include: easier / more cost-effective travel arrangements for our hunters, excellent access and controlled resident numbers. We believe we’re hunting in the best area in Alberta.

Included with your hunt: Approved travel day airport or hotel pickup & drop off, all on site meals, on site transportation and rustic tent camp lodging. All prices are quoted in US funds. You will also receive: a receipt for all payments, a traveling and licensing form, wavier, current regulations, and a detailed what to bring list. 

Not included in the basic hunt cost are: your licenses, permits, trophy fees, the 5% federal goods and services tax, arrangements for special pickup or drop off, butcher fees or taxidermy. All prices are per person and quoted in US funds. Hunts are two hunters with one guide.

Sept/Oct 6 Day Rut Hunts

  • Sept 24 – Sept 29
  • Oct 1 – Oct 6
  • Oct 8 – Oct 13

November 8 Day Hunts

November only rifle hunting area

  • Nov 1 – Nov 8
  • Nov 10 – Nov 17

Base hunt cost………………………$5190. 
Moose Hunting License/Permits ………$800. 
Trophy fee when you tag your bull……….$800.
Other Options all hunts 
Extra hunting days, per day……………….$425.
One on One upgrade, per day ……………$200.
Bow hunting License…………………………$25. 
Non-Hunter, per day………………………..$150.

Other species license/permit fees. (if available in your hunting unit)

  • Elk or Whitetail  $800.
  • Mule Deer or Black Bear  $400
  • Wolf/Coyote or Bird Game $100.

Add license & 5% (GST) tax


Phone 1-800-899-5064

53406 Range Road 183, Yellowhead County, Alberta T7E 3T3

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