To any optometrist, ophtamologist, eye practical, clerical worker working an office near 35th & Broadway in Gary, Indiana who employed Dana Smith with telephone # 219-427-1437.

I will pay you $250 for Dana’s information such as her resume, previous employer or current employer name and address and/or Dana’s current address or other information to contact or locate her.

Information is needed for a matter involving a vehicle accident. Any information provided me will be treated strict confidence and I won’t need you testimony in court. Also I won’t reveal to anyone where I got the  information.

See attachment of sketch image of woman in mid 40’s, medium build with black hair, medium length, of Afro-american descent. Driver was driving a gray and black SUV at the time of accident.

I guarantee your information will be treated confidentially.

Also, looking for pro bono attorney or Indiana contingent fee attorney for legal representation for injury from auto accident.

Call me, Isadore at 219-662-1775