Precision flight training


Deciding on a flight training school is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Not only is it a significant financial decision, but it will lay the foundations for the skills you will need to enter the industry, or to step-up within the industry. Flying requires significant discipline, coordination and commitment, however, it is an enormously satisfying challenge.

The Precision goal has always been to provide safe helicopter operations, impeccable maintenance services and comprehensive aviation training to those who want the highest quality and the best value.
Precision is an FAA Approved Flight School offering approved courses from initial pilot certification through to instructor pilot privileges. Additionally approved specialty courses are offered in both Airplane and Helicopters. Courses offer a range of instruction, from standard VFR and IFR, to advanced technical skills such as External-Load Training, Confined Area and Mountain/High Altitude Operations.

Precision is one of the few helicopter-training companies in the US that has a curriculum that is recognized as a Factory Equivalent Course by: Schweizer, McDonnell Douglas, Bell, Airbus, Enstrom and Guimbal.

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