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A primary element of a body’s “health” is the frequency level of electrical impulses within each cell of your body. Each emotion registers its unique frequency. The body thrives on frequencies related to love, joy, and happiness.

When the body alerts us with an abnormality such as anxiety, pain, sadness, discomfort, allergies, or recurring physical injury, it creates the opportunity to reach the causal issue, or “root” of the problem.  InteriorWerx adjusts the frequencies back into true health.

By attaching to the body’s frequencies, Susan Curry locates the root emotional current, primarily lodged within the body’s organs. The cause of the abnormal frequency is easily released by pulling up the original reason for the frequency abnormality and bringing the “story/scene” back to light.

Once free of the prior abnormal frequency, health returns to true form. The release provides immediate “relief”, and the body is then ready for full recovery.  This allows for a long lasting nutritional aspect to be realized.

Susan Curry

InteriorWerx Founder

Susan Curry is an emotional frequency intuitive, holistic life coach and nutritional advisor. She is founder and developer of the modality, InteriorWerx, a human performance tool which can be generally described as a naturopathic, intuitive life coaching program. A born Lightworker, Susan’s first “white-light download” recollection occurred as a young child. Susan has a passion for the highest and best in our human form and is a self taught facilitator of this natural method. In preparation, Susan has researched and trained over 12 years. Training with a forensic psychiatrist, Susan was able to establish the depth of her abilities.

InteriorWerx’ health modality is a natural remedy of optimum condition for body and mind. This program has proven results.

Susan travels between Chicago, Scottsdale, and San Diego (La Jolla), teaching and treating people to the InteriorWerx health modality.

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While in-person healing sessions are preferred, Susan is also available for phone sessions for those who are not able to be there in person. Please click here to schedule a phone session. Susan will telephone you at your appointment time.