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Our services are palliative, based on the philosophy that as life nears its end, every individual has the right to spend his or her remaining days in peace and with dignity. We focus specifically on comfort, dignity and pain control, responding to the symptoms, needs and goals of the patients and families. We are dedicated to helping the terminally ill live each day to the fullest throughout the dying process, and to supporting them to be with their family and friends in a setting that best fits their needs.

When is the Right Time for Hospice?

Hospice is not just for the last days of life; it is for the last phase of life. That often begins when a person receives a prognosis that his or her disease process will only worsen and cannot be cured. A family member, physician or spiritual care provider may begin the process with a simple phone call. Once a patient is admitted to HospiceMidland, he or she will be assigned to a team. These specially trained, caring individuals will visit the patient’s home or current place of residence and assess the patient’s needs.

Why Should I Choose HospiceMidland?

Because there are so many benefits
You gain… A TEAM

  • This is a team of medicals professionals that come to your home regularly to assist you, the caregiver, as well as the patient.
  • This team is available to you 24/7.
  • This team is designed especially for your needs.
  • The team may consist of nurses, social workers, counselors, chaplains, dietician, volunteers and certified nurse aides.
  • All team members are licensed, certified and have passed competency testing in their field of expertise.

You gain… Tools

  • Medical equipment that makes the care easier.
  • Medical supplies that meet specific needs.

You gain… Knowledge

  • How to best care for the patient.
  • How to care and protect yourself as you care for the patient.
  • How to recognize medications.
  • About community resources that might be beneficial to your family.
  • About the emotional, spiritual and physical challenges that may be a part of your experiences.

You gain… Resources

  • The cost of hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private Insurance carriers.
  • There are no charges for medical equipment, supplies or medications that are specifically needed for the hospice illness.
  • Volunteers can assist you in many ways to conserve your energy and to give you some opportunities to run errands, rest or perhaps visit a friend.

You keep

  • Your personal physician who may continue and direct the care.
  • Your personal preferences and your independence of choice.

Hospice can happen in your home, in a nursing facility, in the hospital or in a retirement home setting. Considering calling HospiceMidland to discover all the ways hospice care can benefit you and your family.


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