Best reasons to buy a Golf Car: Check out Majestic Ridez (618) 781-0252

The Xcaliber is built in our shop and designed to meet the hunter’s specific needs.

Golf Cars are popular! And here’s just some of the reasons why….

  • Hunting – Now more than ever hunters are using golf cars to get around more freely and quietly. Many styles now pertain to the needs of hunters.  From design to performance and terrain issues – we have several models useful for hunters.
  • Large Properties – If you have a large property and spend time working on landscaping and other chores, you may find golf cars are an excellent way to make that job easier. They can be used not only for making it easier and quicker to get around, but also for moving materials, such as yard equipment, mulch, fertilizer and plants.
  • Communities – Do you find it difficult to get around your community? Would you visit your neighbors more if it wasn’t so challenging? Do you wish you could spend more time visiting the community features, like the office, clubhouse, pool or tennis courts? If you answered yes, then golf cars can make a difference. Most communities allow their residents to utilize golf cars to get around within the community. This is especially true of most retirement communities, as well as RV and Trailer Park Communities. Make sure you ask first what rules their could be.
  • Camping – Both campground owners and guests can find golf cars quite useful for navigating the campground and moving seating to new areas to enjoy while there. They can also be helpful in getting gear from the parking area to the camping areas.
  • Events – Large events can be a nightmare when it comes to getting guests to the appropriate areas. This is a time when renting golf cars can be the perfect solution, especially for those guests who have difficulty walking.

Now that you know some more uses for golf cars, check out our website by clicking here http://www.majesticridez.com/. We not only sell golf cars, but we offer rentals and leases, as well.

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We Customize & Service All Brands of Carts

Majestic Ride in Nashville, IL offers full customization on all carts, electric or gas powered. You have the option of designing your own custom cart or choosing from some of the carts already built and ready to head out this weekend! If you are looking for a unique paint job – your favorite team’s colors and logos, your kids’ names, or a variety of camouflage colors and styles – look no further!

We accommodate special tire requests, extra storage needs, high-powered engines, and more.

The best way to go about cart customization is to come by and talk to one of our sales professionals. Stop in today!