About us

Reaching your customer-base using Facebook!

We specialize in writing, designing and publishing article postings for Facebook users. This process is known as “posting to Facebook.” We use a Local Audience Targeting tool that guarantees our articles reach the desired customer base of our clients.  Our posts are read by tens of thousands of readers based upon their age, location and other factors.  This process is sometimes called “demographic fencing” or “data mining,” and it’s the latest way advertisers are getting their business in front of their customer base on Facebook. We can even select readers by their home values, interests, hobbies and more.

Our article topics and headlines are engaging and informative.  We’re able to use analytical data to determine which headlines draw the most attention.  We keep our article postings short and to-the-point.

Please note: We are not owned or operated by Facebook.  We have simply chosen to use Facebook as the main readership outlet for our articles Facebook is now the largest advertising platform in the world, connecting about 70% of the adult population using social media. This platform guarantees the best readership for our article postings.

Best Local Web™ is owned and operated by Central News Marketing, Inc.

Below are results of a 2018 Pew Research Center study showing how large Facebook readership is: