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We drive readership on social media networks

We create article-profiles from advertisements and post them to social media networks.  This process is known as “sponsored content” and gets seen by users of social media networks. Our postings appear on Facebook™, Instagram™ and Twitter™ – this is where the largest group of readership is found.

We use Audience Targeting that guarantees our postings reach the desired readership for our clients.  This means your posts can be read by tens-of-thousands of readers, or more, based upon what specific audience you wish to reach.

Today’s technology allows us to post your advertising by location, job value, household income and a variety of factors. We review each advertisement’s desired readership needs and publish our postings to be read by the right audience. We help a variety of advertisers:

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This process is sometimes called “demographic fencing” or “data mining“, and it’s the latest way advertisers are getting their messages in front of readers.

In addition to turning advertisements into postings, we also create custom content to promote businesses (articles).

Please note: We are an independent article publishing company.  To generate readership we use social media and search engine listings as how our articles get viewed.  Facebook is now the largest advertising platform in the world, connecting about 70% of the adult population using social media.  Instagram and Twitter comprise the other share of social media users of the adult population.  These three platforms guarantees the best readership of social media users for your advertising.

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Below are results of a 2018 Pew Research Center study showing how large Facebook readership is: