Depression Uncovered! What You Should Know Before You Contribute To The $12 Billion Depression Enterprise!

Submitted by: Joe Barton

Okay, maybe I could have picked different title but the truth is most people have bought into the lie that depression must be treated with personality-altering, anti-depressant drugs with horrible side-effects. Listen to this! Annually, more than $8 billion in the United States and $12 billion worldwide are given to doctors and prescription companies for antidepressant medications. Some doctors report that more than 40% of middle-aged female patients are on this side-effect laden antidepressant medications. This is getting out of control!

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Do we need antidepressants because life is more difficult now? I don’t think so! In fact, can you imagine (maybe you did) going through times such as The Great Depression, World War I, World War II and even the recent Cold War. These times were stressful times on the country, economy, families and all citizens. Unfortunately, millions of people think we are living in far more stressful times than the ‘Dirty 30s’? No disrespect please, but I do think we have it a little better than previous generations.

But What Should We Do?

I am not advocating that you stop taking antidepressants or you end your medication immediately. I do believe there are few cases of severe depression which need to be medicated. I simply want you to consider that you can treat your depression naturally without using mind-altering antidepressant medications (I will explain how in a moment). Even Physician and Nutrition Expert Dr. McDougal stated, “I recognize that there are relatively small number of people who suffer serious mental illnesses- whose lives are greatly benefited by SSRI antidepressants and other anti-psychotic medications. But, today over prescribing and overuse of mild-altering drugs are doing far more harm than good in our society.”

Treat Depression Naturally without Drugs!

I would preface all of this with contacting your doctor if you are on any antidepressant medications. Going cold turkey on antidepressants is NOT recommended! However, simple changes to your lifestyle can dramatically decrease your chances of relapsing into depression.

1. Understanding your own ability in being able to cure depression naturally. Thousands have done it (without drugs) and you can too!

2. Exercise. A Study of 150 depression sufferers showed that regular exercise (3-4 times per week and 30 minutes each time) was just as effective in treating depression as antidepressants. In fact, those depression sufferers were less likely to relapse than the medicated patients.

3. Increase Serotonin by Less Sleep! In few words, increased serotonin levels means increased mood levels. In fact, antidepressants create higher serotonin levels in the patient’s brain. You can naturally increase your serotonin levels by decreasing your sleep. As you get older, you need less and less sleep. You might believe that you need 8 hours of sleep but research confirms that most adults only need 5-7 hours of sleep. Obviously, there are the side-effects from early on tiredness but the increase in serotonin could create a good mood for the whole day!

4. Eating Carbs! Did you know that eating carbohydrates will increase the serotonin in your brain which will naturally treat your depression? Consider good carbs such as fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

Don’t Rely on Drugs to Treat You

You now have once piece of the puzzle for curing depression! But there is a lot more you can do! My name is Joe Barton and I have devoted my life to uncover safe and affordable natural cures and remedies for people. I was astonished to find out what doctors and prescription companies are charging victims of depression and that is why I put all of my Barton Publishing research team to work to discover the natural cure for depression. To be honest, it was not too difficult to find how many studies, reports and real life testimonials pointed to a natural cure for depression. In fact, I am so convinced that a natural cure will work for you that I put a 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee on our natural cure for depression. And lastly, you can cure your depression naturally for less than one week’s worth of depression medication costs. Please take a couple minutes to see what our research has told us about depression.

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