Best reasons to become a barber or beautician

Top 10 best reasons to be a barber

1. Be Your Own Boss

There are very few trades that offer as many opportunities to work for yourself or to open your own successful business. In barbering, you have the opportunity to work within a company, rent a chair in a salon, work as a mobile barber and the opportunity to open your own business.

2. Be Creative

Barbering allows you to have a platform to showcase your artistic side on an array of people who lead various lifestyles. You’re also able to showcase your artistic work through social media, allowing you to become your very own trendsetter.

3. Be A People Person

Very few jobs offer the opportunity to meet and interact with such a variety of people. Many barbers make good friends and contacts from their clients; your confidence and popularity will grow.

4. You Can Travel

Barbering is a skill you can take anywhere. Barbers are needed globally and once you have your qualifications you can pretty much go anywhere you want.

5. Each Day Is Different

Each and every day is different. Every client that sits in your chair will ask for a different style and you’ll face different challenges, keeping it enjoyable and exciting.


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6. Decent Salary

There is the opportunity to earn a decent wage in barbering, especially once you are established. So not only will you love your job but you can be earning good money from it as well!

7. You Can Establish Yourself

There are a huge variety of hair-based competitions both locally and nationally giving you the opportunity to become established and well known, in your area and all over the UK.

8. It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to train as a barber or develop your barbering skills. With courses on offer that take just 2 months you can quickly be on your dream career path!

9. You’ll Always Have a Job

The bottom line is men will always need to have their hair cut regardless of the economic situation. The recent rise in male grooming also shows that men are willing to invest money into how they look.

10. You Can Help Others

The most enjoyable reason to be a barber is to help men to look and feel their best! You have the ability to completely change how someone feels about themselves and give them confidence!

It’s very common for barbers to perform other grooming services like shaving, beard trimming and even the occasional facial when the client requests it.

For the most part your job will consist of using electric clippers, scissors, combs and razors to trim, trim and style the hair of your client. There will be times when you are required to order supplies, clean the barbershop and perform other duties to keep business coming in. Some barbers are trained in performing services for women although it’s not all that common for women to walk into a barbershop asking for the latest hair cut and a blow out.

According to Barbers interviewed, here are some qualities that may help you become a successful barber:

Creativity: Having an eye for creative detail is definitely a helpful quality to have as a barber. You’ll have to keep up to date with all of the current trends and will need to know how to perform all the right procedures in order to achieve the look the client wants.

Customer Service Skills: Your clients are your bread and butter, so have pretty great social skills is going to be an important part of success when you are a barber. There will be times that it will be really hard to to deal with customers, but it’s part of the job and being pleasant is a necessity…even if it it means that you make faces about the client when they aren’t looking.

Listening Skills: A good barber will be able to listen to what the client wants out of their experience in the barbershop and deliver it. A happy client is a returning client, so listen up!

Physical Stamina: Standing behind a barber chair all day every day can be a bit tiring. Your feet will hurt, your back will ache and your hands will likely be a little tired of all the buzzing from your clippers. So be sure to eat your Wheaties every day before work to ensure that you can keep up with your clients.

Cleanliness: As a barber you’re going to have hair, your tools and hair products all over the place at times, it’s just a part of the job. Another very important part of the job is keeping your work station as clean and sanitary as possible. You’ll want to do this to make sure that you are following proper health and safety procedures. It’s a good idea to keep a neat and tidy personal appearance too as it makes you look more professional.

Time Management Skills: It’s very important to have good time management skills as a barber. You will have to finish up with your current client before the next one walks in, clean up between clients and make sure that any other job duties you have are completed in a timely manner. Clients also like when they are taken care in a timely manner while receiving great service. They will be more inclined to come back if they have a good experience without it taking a super long time.

Credits/Source: & Michael Kontos, co-founder and artistic director of The London School of Barbering,