How it works

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We place advertisements into articles and post them to Facebook.

  1. Our writers put together articles on a variety of topics and issues.  In addition to these helpful articles, our staff also profiles local businesses and produces unique advertisements.
  2. We post our articles and ads to 100s of thousands of Facebook users – based upon their IP location (city, town, zip codes) and their demographic profiles
  3. Articles include eye-catching images, photos and illustrations and advertising sponsors
  4. We create headlines that get the highest click thru rates for our articles

Why we’re unique?

  1. We help businesses grow their customer base using Facebook
  2. Businesses generate more interest because they are part of unique and helpful articles
  3. Businesses do not pay per click or bidding charges but pay per audience readership
  4. We monitor our postings to ensure success

Facebook posts are popular!  Readers click and read posted articles every day!
Our articles appear to Facebook users in their News Feed – right in the middle of their screens!

Over 70% of adults online use Facebook! This is where your customer base is located!

Best Local Web Article Posting

“Best Local Web has done a remarkable job in creating 100s of leads for our new patient program!  I highly recommend their service for advertisers wanting to generate the right response from Facebook.  We like our results and will continue to use them.” 

Jason Monroe, DDS
Village Green Dental
Aurora, IL


“Best Local Web has done a remarkable job at creating more awareness for us. They know how to post your advertising message out to the right Facebook users.  Digital marketing can be very confusing, time consuming and expensive.  We like their approach. It’s simple, straightforward and it gets results.”

Stuart Kay, President
Residential Physicians Associates
Livonia, MI

“Best Local Web is really unique because of their article postings and target audience reach. We find their service very helpful to generate better results. Great people to work with…”

Joel Litman, President & CEO
Valens Financial Research
Boston, MA