Best reasons to choose a Bed & Breakfast (versus a hotel) for a romantic getaway

Are you thinking about a romantic getaway and considering searching the hotel and resorts within a 3-5 hour drive.  Before you start checking the rates and specials, consider the following reasons why millions of people turn to bed and breakfast – as the ideal romantic short trip.

You may have a misconceived notion about the kind of service you’ll get and the type of people you’ll run into. The truth of the matter is, bed and breakfasts are different, but in a completely great way. Here are some of the best reasons why B&Bs are a unique experience.

Pay less than hotel rates. compared average prices of hotels and B&Bs in major cities. In New York City, the average hotel charges $217 for a night, while a B&B comes in at around $169. That’s almost $50 less a night! Although this data was run in New York, chances are prices are less than or comparable to your desired hotel.

Great homemade breakfast: Owners and chefs take pride in their breakfast, often providing delicious pastries, popovers and traditional breakfast. A smaller group of guest provides for a setting for fresher and tastier breakfast.

Amenities are usually free and better How many times have you felt “nickel and dimed” at hotels, from paying for better wi-fi, to paying for parking and concierge services, too. Plus, while a hotel staff may direct you to a kiosk with tourist pamphlets, many B&B owners are seasoned locals with a wealth of knowledge on where to go and what to do.

A B&B makes you feel like you’re in a special atmosphere: B&Bs provide a “quaint atmosphere” that really makes for a uniquely warm, lush getaway without the hassle of a busy hotel lobby and staff.

The finer details of B&B rooms go beyond pretty decor and focus on comfort. At the Blue Lantern Inn in Dana Point, Calif., each of their 29 rooms includes a fireplace to keep you warm and make you feel more at home. Each room also provides a fridge with soda and an in-room Keurig coffee machine. And unlike most hotels, these drinks are complimentary, so no outrageous mini-bar charges.

You can sleep in a historically significant setting.  If the B&B you select has been existing for some time, it may be the case that a President, Senator or significant figure had stayed there. And in many cases the home or estate you choose has a unique historical significance found in who he owners were.

Sometimes you can request a personalized meal, or at least convey special dietary needs. With B&Bs you can often put in special requests which make your stay more enjoyable.

At a B&B, you will get better care and attention. The service at a B&B goes way beyond just providing you with comfortable lodging for your vacation.  The main difference between a bed and breakfast and a hotel is that the owners of a B&B see their patrons as guests, whereas hotels often see their guests as customers. And most often B&B’s are away from busy loud areas like expressways and loud centers. Many B&B owners go out of their way to please guests. Some allow guests to bring their pets if they want to. In fact, some B&B owners are willing to rent out their whole inn to a group for a weekend… there’s just a customized approach of warmth and peace that’s not found at a hotel. so they can have a fun get-together.

B&B owners focus on initiatives that create long-lasting memories for the guests, with the goal of having them return as a way to sustain long term success in their Inn.