Best plumbers in your area: what to look for, what to know…

Plumbing problems usually catch us by surprise. When you need an emergency plumber, or someone to help with installations,  finding a good one is crucial. Knowing what to look for will help you make a quick decision, and even more so will help make sure the job gets done right the first time.

Sometimes you can get recommendations from trusted friends and neighbors or your real estate agent are often good.  This will provide you with past experience and know how the plumber works and can verify that he’s done good work in the past. If you don’t have anyone who can give you a good recommendation, find plumbers near you through the internet is another option.  Here’s what to look for:


  1. Like with any other contractor, you should only hire a licensed plumber. Without a license, the plumber’s credentials are unverifiable, and more likely than not, they will show the same level of attention to your job as they did to their business.
  2. Verify that the plumber is insured. To get licensed, a plumbing business must secure insurance but always make sure. An uninsured plumber can sue you if he gets hurt while working a job at your home. 
  3. Do they guarantee their work? It is an industry standard to verify labor and parts. Be wary of any plumber that does not offer any type of guarantee.
  4. Get quotes for your plumbing problem. If a company offers you a quote far lower than other companies you’ve called, be careful. It’s likely that they are either using sub par materials or are not including the full scope of the project.
  5. Always ask what is provided for the quoted price.
  6. A reputable plumber will not only provide you with a quote and upon request will give you a price ceiling if the problem goes beyond what expected. If the plumber can’t give you a quote over the phone because of the type of damage, ask for a “worst-case-scenario” quote.

Whether you immediate needs or are looking for new plumbing installed in your home, take the time to ask plumbers about these areas before you decide on one. Often, you get what you pay for with plumbers but price is not the best way to evaluate a plumbers credentials. This is one part of your home that you definitely do not want done wrong or cheaply. Be as thorough as time allows, and get it done right.

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