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Top reasons why Orland Park is a Best Local community!

Orland ParkB‌y Tressa Davis

Orland Park is considered one of the finest suburbs in the Chicago area. It’s proximity to the city of Chicago, matched with its rural roots, has made it a hotbed for middle to high-end suburban residential developments. In addition, the town has done an excellent job at commercial planning. They’ve created a lifestyle community for families, seniors and working professionals. We take a look out what the best characteristics are in Orland Park.

Neighbors and Friends According to a recent census, inhabitants of Orland Park are educated people with 94% of citizens graduated from high school and 40% of the age 25 and above were in the process of obtaining various college degrees. There are over 58,000 people residing Orland Park.

orland park homesLiving Arrangements
The median sales price for homes in Orland Park for Dec 24 to Mar 23 was $229,000 based on 144 home sales. Price Per Square Ft.
Average price per square foot for Orland Park was $138, an increase of 4% compared to the same period last year. Median Rent Per Month.

Average Household Income $97,768
Median Household Income $86,453
Percent Increase/Decrease in Income Since 2000 19%
Percent Increase/Decrease in Income Since 2010 8%
Average Household Net Worth $780,634

‌Location, Location
Orland Park is located in Cook County, stretching across three townships: Palos, Orland, and Bremen. It is surrounded in each direction by other successful townships and villages. A small part of Orland Park also has roots in Frankfort Township in Will County, but it mostly situated in the southwest side of Cook County. The village is roughly 25 miles from downtown Chicago. There are two bodies of waters that are surrounding the area,  Lake Sedgewick and McGinnis Slough.

Transportation Transportation is varied in Orland Park. There are several ways to get around without using a car. ‌The Transportation Division of the Public Works Department is partially responsible in aiding community members to get where they need to go, while using a bus through Metra or other venues and bike routes and, of course, by foot.  For those working in the city of Chicago, the Metra train service has daily routes. 

Entertainment and Dining Orland Park now has a downtown district with even more food and entertainment options than those that are spead out over the village. It’s sectioned off in four quadrants: Main Street, Orland Park Crossing, Civic Corridor and Old Orland Historic District. Most notably, in the main street area, there is tons of space to have a picnic, go on a long bike ride and some great spots to make your home with your family. In the Orland Park Crossing area. there is a shopping market, dinner spots, micro breweries, Orland Park is home to yearly festivals and events including improv comedy, seasonal and holiday events, farmer’s markets and more.

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