About us

Belgio PostWe write, post and share a variety of articles on social media outlets.  Facebook™ is our preferred social media outlet.

When we publish our articles we use what’s known as a Local Targeting feature.  This tool allows us to be very selective as to which readers will see our articles.  We can select readers by their location; using such data as zip codes, city or town, by state, even by locations bordered off by maps. In certain instances, we’ll also use Facebook’s User’s Data information.  This allows us to select readers by their Interests, Hobbies and Demographics.

Facebook’s generates a “user profile” based upon their readers IP Address and other information obtained from what they click on their account.  Most readers appreciate reading posts that coincide with their interest, hobbies and location.  For example, a golfer on Facebook may enjoy reading an article about new golf course renovation near his or her home.

Our article topics and headlines are engaging and informative.  We’re able to use analytical data to determine which headlines draw the most attention from the desired audience (readers).

We help any business reach their exact Facebook™ customers!

We employ a team of writers, editors, designers and social media experts who put together credible, reliable and trustworthy articles.

Please note: We are not affiliated or in partnership with Facebook™.  We have simply chosen to Facebook as our readership outlet.  According to an overwhelming amount of research, Facebook™ is the largest advertising platform in the world, connecting between 70-79% of the adult population. This platform guarantees readership for our article postings.

Although there are alternatives to Facebook™, there’s simply no better way to reach the largest amount of the “right people” with one ad posting.

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