About us

Reach your customer-base using Facebook™ with Best Local Web!

We write, post and share a wide variety of articles on Facebook™.

We write, design and publish articles for Facebook.  We use a Local Targeting tool to ensure our advertisers reach their customer base.  Our articles are posted to tens of thousands of chosen readers, based upon their location.  This is called “fencing” and let’s advertisers reach their specific customer base.  In addition, we can select readers by their home values, interests, hobbies and more.

The behavior of the Facebook users, such as what they search, what they click, where they live, etc., is kept track Facebook (called Cookies) and can be used by websites (like ours) who want to reach a specific set of readers.

Each of our articles are posted to separate readership audiences.

Our article topics and headlines are engaging and informative.  We’re able to use analytical data to determine which headlines draw the most attention from the desired audience (readers).

We employ a team of writers, editors, designers and social media experts who put together our profiles.

Please note: We are not owned or operated by Facebook™.  We have simply chosen to Facebook as the readership outlet for our articles.  Facebook™ is now the largest advertising platform in the world, connecting between 70-79% of the adult population. This platform guarantees the best readership for our article postings.

Best Local Web™ is owned and operated by Central News Marketing, Inc.