Protecting the 2nd Amendment – and what is suppose to happen at shows

There’s never been a more important time in America to protect our 2nd Amendment and learn about what happens during gun shows. I have received many questions on how to buy or sell a firearm at gun shows. I shall do my best here to explain what SHOULD happen in these transactions.  First, If you are buying a firearm from a licensed dealer or an individual always get their info.  When you make a purchase from an FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer, he shall require your driver’s license to do the background check.

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Though most of these people are reputable people, there is always the possibility that one will pull a shady deal and sell you a firearm which is not on his books. This would most likely be a used firearm.  Always ask for his driver’s license and record his info as well, as he records yours. This way if the law comes to you and ask questions regarding the piece you can prove where you got it. If buying from an individual always ask for their driver’s license and record the info for the same reason.

When selling a firearm ALWAYS get the same info from the person.  Again, this way you can prove who you sold the piece to. One never knows where the firearm has been or what it was used for.

I hope this helps those of you who have concerns when buying or selling a firearm.

– Wade Hanks, Jean Lafitte Shows